Shaffy Bello address younger generation who call her by first name

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Popular Nigerian actress, Shaffy Bello has shared her go-to response to some audacious members of the younger generation who address her by her first name.

She shared this in a Podcast episode with co-host, Stephanie Coker.

Stephanie had expressed her distaste for younger ones addressing her by just her name, claiming it reeks of disrespect and makes her uncomfortable.

She asked Shaffy Bello if she felt the same since she was considerably older than her.

“You will never earn the right to call me by name” — Shaffy Bello shares go-to response to audacious younger ones who address her by first name
Popular Nigerian actress, Shaffy Bello.

Shaffy Bello replied in the affirmative, adding that whenever younger ones do that, she is always quick to correct them.

She admitted that sometimes it might be due to upbringing or even tribe differences but she always makes sure to correct them in love.

In her words;

“Usually my response is very simple and I say it with love.
I call them and pull them closer and say, you haven’t earned the right to call me by name.
I have a child as old as you are and even if I don’t have children, you haven’t earned the right and you will never earn that right at your age to call me by name”

The actress also added that asides younger people addressing her by her first name, she can’t stand them waving at her in form of greeting.

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