US-based author unveils Yoruba children’s book

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A United States-based author, Ayomide Enakerakpo, has unveiled a Yoruba children’s book, titled, ‘Omo daada ni mi.’

 In a recent interview, Enakerakpo, said the book aimed at creatively educating young minds on the importance of language and its applications.

While stating the benefits of teaching indigenous languages to children, she emphasised that children had the significant capacity to learn from a young age.

She said, “After having my son, I realised something powerful, children have a very high capacity to learn. Even before infants can verbalise, they learn. I’ve also seen kids who can memorise a ton of memory verses, including lists of nations and their capital cities.”

Enakerakpo revealed the profound benefits of being multilingual, citing that research indicated cognitive advantages, improved social skills, and even long-term career prospects.

She added, “When we don’t help children learn these languages, we deprive them of extremely important opportunities.

“Later in life, learning a second language can improve problem-solving abilities, increase creativity and provide career opportunities, and increase earning potential. As they navigate life, multilingual children can form connections with other peers who share a common second language.”

Enakerakpo’s book, “Omo daada ni mi,” joins the league of bilingual books aimed at African children globally. The author hopes her work will inspire and guide more parents to invest in teaching their children their native languages, recognising the numerous benefits multilingualism brings to a child’s development.

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