Now convert your private cars into taxis for commercial use in this Indian state: Details

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In a move that is seen to address the taxi shortage in the state, the government of Tamil Nadu has allowed car owners to convert their private cars into taxis for commercial use. Earlier, the conversion of the private-use permit cars was limited to certain models but from now, any white number plate car can be converted to a taxi, including luxury cars. This decision is expected to boost the availability of taxis.
Car owners who wish to use their private vehicles as a taxi or want to deploy any extra car at home for commercial use, can visit their respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) to file for a taxi permit. The fee for a motor cab permit is Rs 625, while the fee for a maxi cab permit is Rs 1,150. Upon approval of the RTO, the permit will be issued with a validity of five years.

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Once the permit is approved, car owners must change the color of their number plate to yellow. These vehicles will also be subjected to annual fitness tests at RTOs.
This initiative is also expected to provide additional income opportunities for car owners and boost the state’s economy besides keeping a check on hefty fees charged by cab aggregators even for inter-city commutes. Apart from that, there‚Äôs also a shortage of luxury taxis in the state, due to which, tourists and customers who want to travel in such cars have to book them from neighbouring states, not to mention, with inflated rents.
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