Man who predicted demise of Queen Elizabeth II speaks again

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A seer who accurately foresaw the demise of Queen Elizabeth II has made a new prediction about what would happen before year ends.

According to Mirror, Athos Salome, a fortune teller predicted some catastrophic events which he claims would unfold before New Year’s Day.

With a track record of accurate predictions, including the demise of Queen Elizabeth II and Elon Musk’s social media switch, Salome has become known as the “Living Nostradamus.”

Salome’s emphasised the likelihood of devastating floods and earthquakes in various regions. He warned that while his predictions are not set in stone, they serve as a call to action to prevent or mitigate the potential damage.

The Pacific Ring of Fire, known for its heightened volcanic and seismic activity, is expected to experience increased disturbances.

Salome also referred to the Indonesian island of Java and the coastal stretch from northern California to southern British Columbia as areas where nature’s unyielding force will be felt.

In addition to floods and earthquakes, Salome’s visions also included an escalation in the intensity of hurricanes and cyclones.

However, according to the seer, his intention is not to instil fear in anyone about the alleged forthcoming events.

He said; “I don’t intend to instil fear in society. I hope that the negative events predicted will not come true. My warnings are to actually serve as motivation for us to come together and prioritise our well-being.

“I also need to emphasise the importance of implementing policies, building infrastructure and importantly increasing awareness, on a global level and believe that with governance and citizen cooperation, we can avoid these challenges altogether.”

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